Artefice Dei Golem

Simone Gabriel Foderà, also known as “Artefice dei Golem” (translated from Italian: "the Creator of the Golems”) begins his career in 2004 in Florence, Italy, as a designer of models for role-playing games.
After several podiums in modelling contests, he’s hired to make table-sceneries for role-playing games. He obtains a degree as “Master of Arts” in 2007 with his thesis “The mechanics of Fantasy, and the scaled-down worlds”.
Years after his beginnings, his metaphor of the creator of the Golems (mythologic creatures born from unanimated clay) still fits perfectly his philosophy: the art as the ability of instilling “life” into raw matter, the artisan and artist that does not simply observe the world but wants to give body and expressive strength to his personal imagination.

Today Artefice Dei Golem creates sculptures and designs, spacing from fantasy to steampunk, from esoteric to magic, modelling the matter and instilling that magic into the designs he creates.

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