Down at Shunu Records HQ we always had a special consideration for quality: our releases shine compared to the average plastic jewelbox you will find in your local record store.

When we decided to dress-up the fans of our artists with t-shirts, we wanted to go for the same approach we had for our releases: high-quality production to infuse back the love our fans showed into our products.

When we approached the market, we clashed with the reality of an industry that didn't deal with art and affection for one's work. Low-quality shirts printed with plastic inks were the industry standard, and trying to go around that would have meant to decisively impact the price tag for our customers.

That's why today we at Art-Shirts Lab through Shunu Records took the question in our hands, offering a nearly-revolutionary service: soft-hand, water-based prints on high-quality shirts with a sustainable price. 

Plus we print without surcharge on all available colors, sizes and models (unisex, girlies, tank-tops, cotton bags, etc.) and with a very low minimal order of even just 20 items.

Get in touch with us right now at , tell us your needs and we'll find together the best way to offer your audience a merchandise they can love.