Before and After Science - Relics & Cycles ● CD

by Still A Kid


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Gatefold papersleeve packaging with an 8-pages artbook. Printed on beautiful, silky artistic paper.

Recorded in October 2015 at the well renowned Sá Da Bandeira Studios, ‘Relics & Cycles’ is Before And After Science’s first full-length album.
This new seven-track album can be described as a direct approach to earlier designed tunes, pushing forward the band into unknown territories, while it explores new song-writing ideas and reinforces the clash between quiet ethereal moods and heavy distortion riffs, within a far more rich and complex musical structure. 

Produced and mixed once again by Claudio Tavares and mastered by Miguel Marques (SDB Mastering Studio), the concept of the album contemplates on the cycles of life - as portrayed by the reborn stag specifically created for the band by the visual artist Andi "Still A Kid" Rensen Aguiòn, giving an inside look on the recent history of the band that has been through some difficult moments but yet able to remain active despite of the challenges faced. 
The album contains a range of themes that are also open to multiple interpretations as the group continues to grow and reinvent themselves, keeping well-known acts such as Caspian, Russian Circles and If These Trees Could Talk as their main references.

With ‘Relics & Cycles’, Before And After Science lead us down the darkest pits of our memory-lane. A mystical post-rock trip into our deepest emotions.